Jan 12, 2016

The Writer's Desk

Leo Tolstoy 

Daphne du Maurier

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Susan Sontag
Karen Blixen, aka Isak Dinesen
Anne Sexton
Kurt Vonnegut
Margaret Atwood
Henry Miller
Rita Dove
Ernest Hemingway
Carson McCullers

Joan Didion
Dorothy Parker
Vladimir Nabokov
Agatha Christie
Margaret Mitchell
Sylvia Plath

Jan 11, 2016

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

by Anthony Marra
Hogarth, 2014
“There was a time when she had indulged in the hypothetical for hours a day, plotting the map that had led her here. But no life is a line, and hers was an uneven orbit around a dark star, a moth circling a dead bulb, searching for the light it once held.” ― Anthony Marra, from A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Image of the Carina Nebula

Jan 7, 2016

The Photography of Eudora Welty

After a year in graduate school in New York City, Eudora Welty returned to her native Mississippi and began taking pictures. The images below were taken during the Great Depression in the early to mid-1930s. They show the rural poor and convey Welty's great empathy, as well as her curiosity.